Your child will hear you say this their entire life. But one day, they will look at these photos too and see your love for them

“I love you, I love you, I love you.”

While planning this session, your focus is dedicated to documenting the brief newborn weeks before they’re over. Your baby’s sweet smile and unbelievably small features and the cute outfits you’ve been dying to put them in. Allll of the sleepy, squishy newborn goodness.

These are newborn, new-love, new-chapter memories

As the days of pregnancy and newborn-ness fade into the rear-view, you'll want to remember the little things.

You’ll see the first house that you made into a home together. Your little one’s blankie in pristine condition, before it was worn in with years of snuggles. The nursery you spent months pouring your love into. The softness in your husband’s now pronounced smile lines. And the way you two radiated pure joy with your baby’s every sneeze, coo, and expression.

Let’s bottle up these precious days

“If you are looking to receive photos that you will cherish for a lifetime AND feel extremely comfortable during your photo shoot session then booking with The Keel Collective is the way to go! I’m absolutely in love with our newborn session photos. They are absolutely beautiful and captured our family in the most precious way.”

– Krista O.

The baby will cry, you’ll be tired, and things won’t go as planned

And yet, your photographs will still be perfect

I know mom-ing is something you can’t wait for and there’s all of this anticipation leading up to the day of your baby’s arrival. You want everything to be perfect for them. Well, as a mother of 2 I won’t lie to you, those first couple weeks are fast and furious. Nothing truly prepares you for the new life in your arms and around you. So when I show up on your doorstep and things feel less than perfect, I’ll be the first one to remind you to breathe.

We’re going to find the comfiest chair in your home and I’ll ask you to trace your baby’s features with your finger. In an instant the craziness will all fall away.

That wonder in your face and their perfect little features is exactly what we’re here for. Everything else is just par for the course.

Your job is to revel in the awe of your new little baby. It’s truly that easy. 

  • 2-3 hour session in your home
  • 50-60 professionally edited images
  • Access to our swaddles, blankets & gorgeous Moses basket
  • Private online gallery for viewing and printing
  • Best scheduled when your babe is less than 14 days old
  • Interactive wardrobe style guide for the family

Newborn Lifestyle

starting at $600

Big breath. You’ve got this mama.

“Our memories will go, but our pictures won't. Now I can always remember what we looked like and what we were doing in that moment of our lives.”

Alexis H.

  You’ll receive sneak peeks in 24hrs and the full gallery in two weeks!
  We schedule your session start time, then baby decides the session end time.
  Once your little one has arrived we will get you scheduled within two weeks.
  Reach out to me before your due date so we can get you booked. 

Here’s our  plan:

All you’ve been doing is planning lately – so let's make this easy.

Being a mom looks BEAUTIFUL on you. And I get that maybe you won’t feel that after juggling a new routine, a crying baby, and hot flashes while running off of no sleep for the past two weeks. Seriously, who would!? Give yourself the gift of time before your session.

Hand baby off, take a long hot shower, and put on an outfit you feel like yourself in. Then during our session take all the breaks you need and enjoy the moments of stillness as they come. I’ll handle the rest!

Make this day for you too

Advice I give mom before every session: 

Frequently Asked Questions

Let's get a tentative time on our calendar based on your due date and we’ll schedule the exact date once your baby is here! It is best to schedule your session when your little one is less than 14 days old, to catch them while they're still itty bitty!

When should I schedule my session?

To-be mom’s typically reach out shortly after they find out they’re pregnant and schedule a session around the halfway mark. Some people do it sooner for baby announcements and others do it later to catch their bump when it’s bumpin’ the most!

When should I schedule a maternity session?

The main spaces we will use are your living room, nursery and master bedroom. When shooting indoors it’s important to choose a space that has optimal natural light. If there is a time of day that your home has the best light, we’ll be sure to schedule your session at that time!

Where will the session take place?

It is typical for a session to last 2 hours, but it varies from baby to baby. We take little breaks throughout the session to allow baby to feed, change diapers/clothing, and get some snuggles in if they become fussy. During those times I will focus on documenting the nursery so you will always remember all of the little details you put into that special room.

How long will this session last?

The most important thing is to feed your baby right before I get there! We want that sweet little love in a sleepy state and a belly full of milk will do the trick. During your session we recommend using a white noise machine so the camera shutter is less likely to disturb their peace. 

How do we prepare baby for our session?

Tidy up the session space, gather swaddles, lay out their outfits and anything else you want to incorporate into the session. Don’t stress about narrowing things down, when I get there I can help you decide!

What can we do to prepare for our session?

The best and worst thing about babies: They grow.

Year after year you will be in disbelief that a feisty toddler, caring big brother, and blossoming high school senior was once this tiny baby in your arms. That even before you knew who they would become you loved them so wholly.

Continue to hold them and your memories close

“There are moments in life that you wish you could encapsulate forever.”

– Alexis H.

“There are moments in life that you wish you could encapsulate forever. From engagement, to wedding, to maternity, to family photos the Keel Collective is able to capture the moment through photographs. We have trusted them with our life milestones as their photos tell our story as a family. Ryan and Alyssa are able to navigate any type of weather, interact with a baby to get the perfect smile and make everyone feel comfortable in front of the lens. I would 100% recommend them to anyone who wants to encapsulate life moments in a photo.”

Let's keep in touch!